You may be in the market for some additional space for your home. If you are wanting to maximise the space of your home and get the most out of it then we suggest you read this first.

At OGEL, we’re the world’s first and only garden room provider to make our buildings out of plastic waste. So, you might be asking yourself, “I have a budget, but I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck…” Well, take a read of this…

The main difference is that an OGEL Pod is built separately as a stand-alone building in your garden, unlike a conservatory that is attached to your house.

Temperature control in a conservatory

It is difficult to regulate the temperature in a conservatory as they are normally made of glass or polycarbonate which are poor insulators. It can become quite warm during the summer as sunlight comes through the glass and heats up the room. While in the winter, the conservatory can struggle to retain heat if not heated properly.

Temperature control in an OGEL pod

One of the big advantages of using the OGEL material (recycled plastic) is that it is a great insulator, meaning it’s cool in summer and warm in winter, though it is recommended to have at least one radiator depending on the building.

Sound control in a conservatory

A conservatory is built at the back of your home, close to the kitchen which means you will get noise from people inside the house or even from household appliances which makes it difficult to concentrate.

Sound control in an OGEL pod

Our pods come with double skin walls which provide great acoustics meaning you can dedicate 100% of concentration to your work.

Light control in a conservatory

While conservatories are known to be bright, this can be a downside, during the day if you are working or relaxing, screen glare is most common and can only be resolved through blinds and curtains which can be an additional cost.

Light control in an OGEL pod

Rest assured that you will not be distracted by harsh sunlight from above and you can benefit from natural light through a wide selection of windows and doors.

Privacy in a conservatory

Without blinds or curtains, a conservatory can invite eyes from neighbours making it difficult to work or enjoy hobbies. You may even get family members passing through which can cause distraction.

Privacy in an OGEL pod

An OGEL garden office/room offers full privacy in the form of seclusion away from neighbours and even family members meaning you can work in peace or enjoy your hobbies without being disturbed.

Maintenance in a conservatory

Cleaning your conservatory is a difficult and time-consuming task. Conservatories require regular maintenance to prevent tarnishing and black mould growth which not only looks horrible, but it can also damage your health. And evidence shows that many conservatory owners rely on professional cleaning services which is a further add-on cost.

Maintenance in an OGEL pod

It’s simple, ogel pods require zero maintenance.

This only leaves one thing, design your dream garden room here…