We’re changing the way you head to the office.

An office with no commute? An office away from distractions? The wait is over…

Dedicated floating desk

Positioned at the recommended height of 73cm.

Flush-mounted sockets and switches

Sleek and professional with the option of an inbuilt USB charger.

Wall-mounted monitors

The tensile strength of our walls means even large monitors can be wall-mounted, increasing desk space and ensuring the correct ergonomic height.

All year temperature control

From standard convection radiators to underfloor heating to air conditioning units.

Laminate flooring

A full fitting service is available from our onsite assembly teams.

Internal and external lighting

With a number of options from functional ceiling pendants to polished downlights.


Our buildings are completely modular, so you can pack them up with ease.


We build your OGEL pod before we deliver it to you, this means on-site building is minimal and you can spend more time enjoying it.

Lighter and better

We’ve engineered our buildings to be 88% lighter than brick… they’re also better insulated than a double-skinned brick wall.




Personalised touch

Our taskpods come with the option of any external design of your choice…

“I chose an Ogel pod because I liked the look of them from the pictures I saw online (although there weren’t many published at that time) and the versatility. I liked being able to choose my own dimensions and vinyl covering design. I also liked that the pod can be taken with me if I move house, and the fact that the ogel pod doesn’t require any maintenance was a big selling point for me. I also liked the green credentials – the pods are constructed with recycled plastic.”

Leanne, new taskpod owner