For some people, choosing a spot for their home office is easy. For others, they need a space that is dedicated to just working, where they can separate home and work life. And that is the ideal way of working.

1 – Work at the right height

Your space needs a desk or table that is at work height. The industry standard is 29 inches from the floor to the top of the work surface. Tall people do better with a higher elevation, and short people do better with a lower elevation. Thankfully, your ogel floating desk is at the optimal height for working.

2 – Correct monitor usage

Get a large monitor (maybe two) for your home office as this allows for easy working. However, the preference is all yours. Our ogel buildings have the option of wall-mounted monitors positioned at the ideal height.

3 – The right chair

There are a lot of bad chairs out there that can injure you over prolonged computer use. Dining chairs and deck chairs, for example, are rarely at the right height, and they don’t always encourage the required upright posture. Therefore, we suggest a proper computer chair with built-in lumbar support.

4 – Turn on the lights, please

It’s easy to underestimate the effects of your work environment on your ability to work… too dark and your eyes may strain… too bright and it may induce a sore head. At ogel, we install a large selection of outdoor and indoor lights at the ideal working location.

5 – Not too hot, not too cold… just perfect!

Temperature is often overlooked… our ogel buildings are built to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, we can also install a heater in your ogel building, either on the floor or wall-mounted.

Setting up your work-from-home office doesn’t have to be difficult.

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