A garden room for all occasions…

The OGEL garden room is a blank canvas ready to be turned into whatever you want it to be.

Ogels Garden Room Interior | OGEL vs Traditional Conservatory

Wall-mounted TV and shelves

The tensile strength of our walls means that even 75” TVs can be wall-mounted, creating greater floor space as well as a very sleek appearance.

Flush-mounted sockets and switches

Can be mounted at a variety of heights with the option of an inbuilt USB charger.

Did you know?

You often don’t need planning permission for our garden rooms.

All year temperature control

From standard convection radiators to underfloor heating to air conditioning units.

Internal and External Lighting

With a number of options from functional ceiling pendants to polished downlights.

Laminate flooring

A full fitting service is available from our on-site assembly teams.

Superior insulation and acoustics

Our engineered profile has better thermal and sound performance than block or brick.

Client Case Study | Davids Ogel Garden Room | Design your own Ogel Building


All of our buildings are completely modular, which means you can pack them up with ease.


We build your OGEL pod before we deliver to you, this means on-site building is minimal and you can spend more time enjoying your new dream room.


We’ve engineered our buildings to be 88% lighter than brick, and also better insulated than double skinned brick wall.

Personalised touch

Our garden rooms come with the option of any external design of your choice…

Our Selection of Taskpod Wraps
Client Case Study | Davids Ogel Garden Room | Design your own Ogel Building

David’s garden room

David had a problematic slope in his garden where he wanted a dedicated home gym and chill out zone.

Always up for a challenge, we were able to raise and strengthen the floor and ensure the path from his patio area was in perfect symmetry with the french doors of his OGEL garden room.

The only problem now is who gets to use it… David for exercising, or the kids for online gaming!

Did you know?

The average conservatory costs £15,000, meaning it’s cheaper to get an OGEL garden room per square metre.