The world’s most versatile flood defence system?

The original idea behind the ogel construction system was as a flood defence and this is still one of its many uses.

The thing with flood barriers is that most of the time you don’t need one… but when you do it’s got to be:

  • quick to assemble
  • easy to use, in often difficult conditions
  • it’s got to do its job or the results can be devastating

Our system solves all three of these problems in the two different ways it can be deployed.

The ogel flood defence system is designed to be fixed and semi-permanent, for the small of the time you actually need it. It’s your beautiful home… be prepared.

The beauty of our system is that we put waste plastic to work as a fast-build flood defence barrier, in essence solving a problem with a problem.

1. Pre-install the foundation.

2. A blanking cap over the foundation allows the area to be used the vast majority of the time.

3. When a flood warning is given the blanking cap is removed and the barrier quickly erected. Additional courses can be added while the flooding is in progress.

4. We put holes in the outer face allowing water into the wall giving greater stability to the barrier.

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