Ogel on Dragons’ Den…

Since filming with the Dragons, we believe we’ve perfected our system, made it ready for market and are now delivering our first orders.

We’re expanding our operations nationwide and are looking for like-minded people to join us on that journey by following our socials, enquiring and spreading the word of our disruptive system.

Our goal is to become the leading prefabricated garden room manufacturer in the UK and we recognise that spurred on by the Covid 19 pandemic, a huge need has developed overnight for work from home office solution. This is where our garden rooms and taskpods come in.

With our patents granted in USA and Europe and pending in the UK and China, we hold the rights to manufacture, sell and licence the revolutionary ogel system, without competition, in these key global territories.

We intend to use the DD appearance in two key areas:

1. Use the credibility to back our products functionality
2. Utilise the traction with awareness campaigns to grow our presence

Our plans are to develop the markets for our pods worldwide in the coming years and add other products to our portfolio using the same basic technology… anything from flood defence to exhibition stands to humanitarian shelters.

Watch our Dragon’s Den appearance here: