An investment in your employee means…

Improved mental health, reduced carbon footprint, retention of the best work force, reduced CO2 emission and improved working conditions.

Ogels Corporate Garden Room with Specific Wrap

WFH v Office working

Some people say working from home is better, while others say working from the office is more effective. Why not have both? Work in an OGEL pod with a hybrid approach.

Happier employees

Employees will feel happier when their work environment preferences are considered.

Did you know?

That the average person spends £1,272 on fuel to get to work annually.

Dedicated floating desk

Positioned at the recommended height of 73cm.

Superior insulation and acoustics

Our engineered profile has better thermal and sound performance than block or brick.

Ogels Corporate Garden Office Interior | Computer attatched to the wall, with laptop and Iphone stand
Ogels Corporate Garden Studio with built-in Internal and External Lighting | Blue LED's

Internal and external lighting

With a number of options from functional ceiling pendants to polished downlights.

Flush-mounted sockets and switches

Can be mounted at a variety of heights with the option of an inbuilt USB charger.

Wall-mounted monitors

The tensile strength of our walls means even large monitors can be wall-mounted, increasing desk space and ensuring the correct ergonomic height.

Poweroll’s office…

At Power Roll, we are setting up a pilot plant to demonstrate our unique solar film technology. During the factory fit out it became clear that we needed an office space within the factory floor for our technicians to write up their work, check emails etc. We needed something that was rapid to assemble, soundproof and was able to hit a deadline for our official opening.

Firstly, the design hit the brief and provided the flexibility should we need to move the office or change the size as our business grows. Secondly, the ability to build the office in a matter of days compared to traditional stud-walling solutions, and thirdly, having a solution that was environmentally friendly and sustainable which matches our own drive to reduce global carbon emissions.

Neil Spann, CEO, Powerroll

Client Case Study | Powerolls Corporate Garden Office

The only patented building system in the world that uses recycled plastic… adding to your green credentials.