As the world’s first and premium construction company that makes its products from 100% plastic waste, our aim is to not only provide products that solve humanities’ great challenges but also to be part of adressing climate adaptation.

Founder, Gary Giles, tells us about the environmental ethos of OGEL…

“My father, Michael Giles, owned a small building company, and, as a child, I would often spend summer holidays with him on the site (Health and Safety were more relaxed in 1970s Britain). I can always remember him saying, ‘Son, there are only two basic problems in buildings: how to join the same shape up and down and side by side.’

That throwaway observation stuck with me for the next forty years, and following another chance remark in February 2015 regarding the need for flexible flood defence, the kernel of an idea for the OGEL construction system was born. Now, as of Spring 2022, our invention is patented in the UK, Europe, USA and China.

An easy-to-assemble, fully reusable modular building system that uses waste plastic as its raw material. Its applications are many and varied… from flood defences to exhibition systems to housing.”

We’re patented in the UK, Europe, US & China – meaning we really are the first to do this!

We don’t just make home space solutions, we also make disaster relief and homeless shelters out of our innovative material.

We don’t waste anything – our off-cuts just get produced into more OGEL products!

Our Garden Rooms reduce Environmental Impact

Environmental impact

People: a solution for people in need of extra living space.

Our system works across the social spectrum… from the homeowner who wants a relaxing garden room to the hybrid worker needing a dedicated workspace to the homeless person needing a shelter to the community needing a flood defence.

Environment: our products are made from recycled plastic waste

Bricks and other traditional building materials contribute to 7-8% of the world’s carbon emissions, therefore all of our products are made from plastic waste.

Community: we keep production local

We feel that we can disrupt an industry that is a huge contributor to climate change, as we are in the UK, and we fabricate and process internally.

Did you know?

We aim to utilise recycled material, rather than virgin material, and turn it into a product that never has to be remade again.

We’ve engineered our buildings to be 88% lighter than brick.

Unlike timber, our buildings don’t rot… meaning you don’t need to replace them.