When we say we can build anything, we do mean pretty much anything.

The advantages of ogel, when compared to similar structures in wood, brick and concrete, are many fold. Here is a small example of products we envisage in the future. If you’re interested in any now, please get in touch.

Disaster relief and homeless accommodation.

We always knew that an obvious application for the ogel system was disaster relief and homeless accommodation. This is due to benefits such as compactness and ease of assembly. We would be interested in speaking to individuals and organisations to discuss possible applications.


Pop-up medical treatment facilities.

Pop-up treatment facilities are becoming a feature of the post pandemic world. ogel is the only company to be offer a build on-site solution that is customised to the exact medical need. Additionally, the ogel walls can be coated with an anti-microbial coat for use in sterile environments.

If this is of benefit to your organisation, please contact us.


Light, compact, modular and easy to use.

The advantages in a military application are many… lightness, compactness, modularity, ease of use. The ogel armypod can operate in extreme heat and cold conditions due to superior insulation compared to the alternatives, and can also have have terrain specific camouflage graphics applied. eg. jungle, desert and arctic.

We are interested in talking to possible partners with regard to this application… so if you have expertise in this field, please get in touch.


Keep your customers, safe, warm and dry.

We have developed a pop-up solution for use in shops, shopping centres and entertainment venues where user numbers need to be controlled, whilst allowing the customer to queue in relative comfort and safety against the elements.

Is this of benefit to your company or organisation? Get in touch…